Wear& Tear Glossary: How London Property Inventory Companies Define a Fair Wear & Tear in Windows, Doors& Frames, Woodwork& Skirtings ?

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What is Wear& Tear?

Many people wonder what is wear& tear. Like doors, windows are susceptible to wear due to their nature and frequency of use, it is normal to see deterioration to fittings and surfaces. But not only this. In dense populated office spaces the wear& tear is greater, due to high volume of people working.

However, it is important to establish whether the degradation is a result of daily use or negligence and lack of proper cleaning. At the end of the day, landlord want a office premises returned clean and in good shape. So if you live in rented accommodation and you require end of tenancy cleaning Canary Wharf, you may need to call a cleaning company.

Furthermore they will hire an independent property inventory company, to check out the premises. They will look thoroughly everywhere to find out even the smallest crack, paint discoloration or else.

For that reason prior company deposit to be returned its considered both parties to have a common knowledge of  fair wear& tear.

So far so good, reading more here will help you getting your tenancy deposit back.

What is Wear and Tear in Windows Sills& Frames?

  • Paint flaking,
  • Putty cracking
  • Paint coming loose
  • Discolouration to paintwork
  • Discoloration to sealants
  • Handles de-attached
  • Fixtures working loose over time
  • Old sash cords deteriorate and can snap
  • Small cracks to corners
  • Small cracks on glass as frame moves

What is NOT wear and tear in windows sills, frames? 

  • Black grime to frames due to lack of cleaning
  • Tape glued to the window frame
  • Broken window handle
  • Additional hooks, nails, or drilled cable holes
  • Heavy chips, scratches, gouges and burn marks
  • Broken or damaged fixtures, fittings and stays
  • Heavy cracks,
  • Proper chips on windows
  • Broken glass panels

A Property Professionals Inventory Checkout are available in Google. For more information about inventory services or to book an inspection please check also here:

What is Fair Wear& Tear on Doors& Frames?

Due to their frequent use wear & tear on doors& frames are naturally more susceptible to wear. In addition it is perfectly reasonable to expect minor chips. But you can also find scuffs, and discolouration over period of time.

Despite enduring heavy daily use, they should not deteriorate prematurely if used as intended. But in case many of workers using feet or objects to open and close, or prop them open, then we talking different story.

  • Minor chips to doors and frames
  • Minor scuffs to doors and frames
  • Handles and fixtures working loose
  • Natural wood defects
  • Natural paint discolouration
  • Settlement cracks to panels and joins
  • Minor scratches

What is NOT wear and tear?

  • Heavy scratches on doors and frames
  • An impact damage
  • Additional hooks, nails, or fixtures
  • Stains or flaking from hanging wet towels
  • Hinges pulled out and damage to frame
  • Dirt, grime and residue
  • Spills of coffee, drinks, etc

We hope you find this beneficial and welcome your thoughts. More or less, everyone is responsible to keep the office premises. Wear& tear is simple thing, try not to damage surfaces, doors and frames.

What is Fair Wear& Tear in Woodwork & Skirtings?

Firstly, fair wear& tear in woodwork &skirting boards will generally be painted with a more durable top coat such as gloss, satin or eggshell. This way is more hard-wearing than other typical areas.

Secondly, like most décor the better the quality of paintwork the longer it will last. However it is reasonable to expect discolouration. Paint chips and wear to surfaces with time.

Furthermore, marks, grime and shoe prints can easily be noticed over skirting boards. Scratches from trollies, suitcases and other, very often seen too.

  • Paint yellowing
  • Paint discolouring, ageing
  • Wear to edges and surfaces
  • Chips to edges and surfaces
  • Flaking to higher moisture areas similar to washrooms

What is NOT wear and tear?

  • Heavy scrapes,
  • Scratches and gouges
  • Chipped wood underneath paintwork
  • Nails or screws fixed to initial woodwork
  • Cables pinned or tacked to skirtings+

We hope you find this beneficial. If you have other thoughts feel free to Contact Office Cleaners London for more information.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you looking for professional inventory company, read customer feedbacks first. Look out carefully as they work closely with letting agents, and both can introduce a lot to pay for damages,  or to stop your deposit going back to you. But a honest inventory checkout company shouldn’t be difficult to find. Make sure to download the inventory template from this : https://www. rentila.co.uk/blog/how-to-make-a-property-inventory/