Why Us

When the RCL Office Cleaners developed its office cleaning service, the objective was to offer smaller, medium and large businesses from any part of the capital and any industry sector the opportunity to get their premises cleaned. Our office cleaning company also benefits from being an integral part of long list portfolio businesses served. We have an abundant, contrasting and committed community of professional operatives. Specialist team supervisors are crucial to the success too, and range of dedicated management team and other member of our cleaning company participating in tailoring a program for your office needs.

Roles & Responsibilities


The company is accountable for securing, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and subcontractors and safeguard of the environment.


Have complete responsibility for establishing health, safety and welfare and environmental protection is an essential section of their trade ideology. They will commit to that sufficient resources are contributed at all times for accomplishing business targets.

Our Operational Managers

Make certain steps to assure that persuasive control measures and safe system of work is implemented to protect and safeguard the environment, health, safety and welfare of company cleaning operatives.

Supervisors and Charge Hands

Have advancement, ultimate citation for environmental protection and the health, safety of cleaners working under their guidelines. Intercepting adverse situations and regulating workplace hazards is an integral fundamental obligation.

Employees and Subcontractors

Have a leading role in helping the company achieve its goal of Best in Business.

Broad Range Of Cleaning Services

Our background is characterized as considerably positive impact where we made significant difference to the many businesses in London. By booking an office cleaning services with us will give you access to our whopping cleaning expertise spanning over 12 years of successful projects. Our developed methods and programs assimilates the most stringent performance criteria in the market meaning your building will be maintained and cleaned every day and to an exceptional standard.

When you want your employees to occupy and work in cleaner habitat you need to have the trust in your cleaning contractor.

  • Get a quality cleaning of you building common areas, lobbies and receptions that is delivered to your timescales and budget.
  • Looking for long lasting relationship where our building and office cleaners meet sustainability requirements.
  • Give authority to an experienced cleaning company like ours.
  • Choose your favourable time for cleaning visits.

Benefits Working With RCL Office Cleaners

  • Clean site:

We apply sufficient coordination of the organizational, industrial, methodical, technical and professional presence of each cleaning program.

  • Sustainable development:

Our office cleaning staff deliver best they can, for every building that meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

  • Expert cleaning and delivery:

We serve leading firms in different sectors and we deliver best possible cleaning service for their premises.

  • In-house cleaning superintendence:

We tailor project and administer in-house cleaning schedules to guarantee the favourable accomplishment of all cleaning activities and directives, allowing us to monitor closely progress, quality and expected standards.