Terms & Conditions

TermsProviding Access To The Property

  • When our cleaning team arrives you must arrange an easy access, running water and electricity. Clients are fully responsible for the access to the properties at the agreed day and time. If client want us to collect keys from letting agents that is going to add to their final bill £10.00, all keys designed to gain access to the premises must open and close all locks without any extra efforts or tricks.
  • RCL Office Cleaners cleaning teams are expecting client to point to them if there are any specific problems when opening furniture, cupboards, doors, ovens, microwaves, anything breakable, any problems with the lighting’s switches, door knobs, buttons,  and windows.

For End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

  • Customer could pay cash directly to the cleaning supervisor or with cheque or Bacs to our cleaning company.
  • When money are paid into the company’s account customer should put down their full name, address of the property in the reference space.
  • Our cleaning company supply all cleaning equipment and detergents unless agreed otherwise.
  • All cleaning appointments should be booked for a specific day and time.
  • Our cleaning company can reschedule post tenancy cleaning with at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel service, this needs to be done at least 24-36 hours prior to the cleaning appointment.
  • When cleaning blinds: please not that cleaning blinds counts as an service not included in the price. The charge for that starts from £5.00 and vary up to £12.00 depends on the size of the blinds. Customer must advise us when making the booking and tell if any need blind cleaning unless agreed otherwise.
  • Additional bathrooms, toilets, reception rooms, conservatories, cleaning balconies or patios will increase the cost. We charge from £5.00 to £20.00 depends on the size. Please advise our customer service team if the property has more than one bathroom or any additional rooms. This determines the most accurate price and will avoid any disputes or confusions between both.
  • We do not charge customer for parking fees, congestion charge fees or anything else.

Our Quotes and Prices

  • We reserve the right to amend the original given quote if customer’s initial requirements change or if the information given to us about the size of the property differs from the actual one. If our representatives ( cleaners or cleaning supervisors) inspect the property and find out that there is an extra rooms: bathrooms, toilet, reception, study room or bedroom, we have the rights to change the cost for the cleaning service and
  • When bedroom, reception, dining room, hallway and study room is bigger than 30 square meters we reserve the power to change the initial quote.

Clients Payments Responsibilities 

  • The final cost is rendered for immediate payment on the finalising of the cleaning work. The client must take responsibility for the payment before our cleaning team leaves the client’s property.
  • The Client can cancel or reschedule service by giving us at least a 24 notice. Failure to notify will result with a 60GBP cancellation fee.
  • Our cleaning company reserve the right to refuse any cleaning job if the condition of the property is excessively filthy, dangerous or hazardous to the health of our cleaning operatives.
  • We have the right to cancel or reschedule a booking in case of emergency, accident or any unexpected circumstances involving our cleaning teams.
  • If customer makes payment in advance to our cleaning company and we fail to provide the client with services requested (cleaners don’t turn up and cleaning don’t take place), then the customer is entitled for full refund of the amount he/she paid to our company.

Clients Claims 

  • Our cleaning representatives require entry to the location of any claim within 72 hours to correct the problem.
  • Our company must not be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of the client put furniture on a wet carpet which has not completely dried and we are not liable for the shrinkage of carpets.
  • Our company must not be held responsible for existing damages to furniture, carpets or upholstery in form of stains/cigarette burns/drinks or food, blood spillages etc. which cannot be treated completely by our cleaners when using the present cleaning industry most advanced methods and techniques.
  • Our cleaning services are carried out to the Client’s demands, requirements and satisfaction. In case of complaint written notice must be received by the our company with comprehensive details of the complaint within 72 hours of the work being completed. Our company will honour and internally investigate complaints and will have the capability to solve it to reasonable standard.
  • Client must offer again access and allow the cleaner/cleaners back for re clean or inspection of any disputed areas.
  • If any of our cleaning operatives damage anything and this is proved that has been caused by them, you will be entitled for repair the item at its cost.
  • Constant efforts will be made by the cleaning teams not to break or damage any items but accidents do happen. We cannot offer the best identical replacement but we will try our best to replace it. That is why our company reminds client that all extensive and sentimentally valuable items to be taken off and hide safe.

Cleaning Services Objectives

  • All works undertaken by RCL is covered by our Public Liability Insurance.
  • Our cleaners perform their best to make sure all furniture, appliances are cleaned.
  • Refrigerators must be defrosted well in advance.
  • We cannot guarantee the End of Tenancy Cleaning Service when clothes, full boxes, stuff or people are still present or moving out at the time of the cleaning. We prefer not people to walk around.
  • Refund claims will be NOT considered once the cleaning has been carried out and the job is completed.