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How to Prevent Appearance of Mould in Your Office?

Rotate the furniture and check for mould growth.

Rotate the furniture and check for mould growth.

Mould is common name given to various fungi that thrive in damp environment. Mould is a potential health risk – it can cause nausea, allergies, to aggravate asthma symptoms in asthma sufferers. Mould growth can reflect on overall comfort of your employees and even – lower the productivity and increase the rate of sickness in your office. Mould can also deteriorate natural and man-made materials such as wood, fabric, can affect the walls and ceilings and cause property damage.


5 Proven Ways to Prevent Flu Outbreak at Work

Your let flu close your business! Photo: Flickr

Don’t let the flu take over your business! Photo: Flickr

January and February are peak months for flu season in UK. This applies especially to big cities such as London. We encounter thousands of people in the subway, on the streets and in the office on daily basis. With average workweek of 48 hours, a person spends most of their awake time at work. The best way to stay healthy when surrounded by crowds of coughing and sniffling people is to take timely precautions, especially at the office. (more…)