Safety & Training Policy

RCL Office Cleaners provide professional office cleaning services tailored with an assembled programs, tasks and methods that are individual in their own right, updated and reviewed after certain period of time and they have been brought together with necessary amendments when required for the intention of the jobs and integrated as a process of professional cleaning as identified by the system for accomplishing jobs, quotation and scope.
Adhered information and instructions required to provide task in safely manner.

  • Intention and purpose of our office cleaning services.
  • Scope of different services.
  • Safety and training requirements.
  • Pay attention to safety before work.
  • Workplace organisation and work ethic.
  • Using equipment.

Intention and purpose of our office cleaning services:
The purpose of our office cleaning is to provide quality service for businesses across London. All of our cleaning practices are explained and approved to current clients to provide them with services efficiently, to meet and exceed the recommended guidelines and to do so safely in accordance with our company Risk Assessments and arranged regulations.

Scope of different office, commercial and communal areas cleaning services.
RCL London is in possession of documents explaining comprehensively our way of delivering and following tasks, methods and risk assessments within binding cleaning series of actions, for commercial office and retail sector arrangements and operations.

Safety and Training of Our Cleaning Staff

All of our office and commercial cleaners are required to acquire training and awareness, first aid help and other instructions to ensure safety of themselves and other colleagues before inaugurating and during work. We require all cleaners to wear correct personal protective equipment and stick to the correct PPE.
Pay attention to safety before work.

  • Acquire permission for the job.
  • Ensure that office staff ceased work.
  • Obtain pre work briefing from your supervisors.
  • Take the machinery and tools required for the job.
  • Check equipment before commence actual work.
  • Stick your actions to the Methods and Risks for the job.

Workplace Organisation

All of our office cleaners are briefed and trained on that how to avoid causing hazard to client’s office premises. When organising the cleaning operations they ensure safe system of work and safe environment for themselves and others.

Using Equipment

All of our operatives are responsible of correct use of RCL London and clients tools and equipment. Periodic inspections from our cleaning supervisors are imminent for keeping the equipment up to date and safe.